Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rick Watrous for Concord School Board on Nov. 6

Rick stands for:

There has to be improved communication between the School Board and the Concord community. There should be ongoing two-way communication between the school district and the public so citizens are fully informed.

More Public Involvement:
The Concord public has to be part of the process, especially in major policy decisions such as the proposal to close four of our neighborhood schools.

Openness & Accountability:
It is vital that the school district governance be open and accountable to the Concord public so citizens know that our money is being spent wisely on behalf of our children’s education.

Negotiating toward a common goal:
A teacher/school district contract that is a win/win proposition with the ultimate goal of providing our children an excellent education.

The most important factor in any school board decision should be the welfare of our kids. As a School Board member I promise to be engaged, accessible and mindful of the public’s money. I want Concord’s School Board to serve the public and Concord’s public schools to serve our children well.

I am a public school graduate who went on to earn a BA in Communications and a MA in Writing.
Resident of Concord since 1986
Children, 11 and 15, have always attended Concord’s public schools
Work as Media Literacy Educator since 2004 developing elementary & middle school curricula designed to build critical thinking skills and reduce childhood obesity, bullying and substance use
Adjunct instructor since 1987, teaching English & Communication
Wrote "Home & Family" column for Concord Monitor for 7 years
Author of nonfiction book, Shadowdad
Founding Executive Director of Concord Community TV
Served on City of Concord’s Cable TV Advisory Board
Volunteer at Conant and Rundlett schools
A founding organizer of Somewhat North of Boston (SNOB) Film Festival, 2002-04
Volunteer at First Church cold weather homeless shelter since 2004

Questions? Concerns? Please call me at 228-2446 or email me at

I would appreciate your vote. Please remember to VOTE—Tuesday, Nov. 6

Friday, October 19, 2007

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Here is where I will be blogging.